Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia
The next-gen source of energy

The Oman Project


The state-of-the art facility is located in the Duqm Special Economic Zone of Oman


The first phase of the Green Hydrogen & Ammonia project is expected to produce 100,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually


It will be expanded to 1.2 million tonnes per annum with about 3.5 GW of electrolyser capacity, which will be powered by 5.5 GWp of the solar PV plant


Potentially, the facility can be further expanded in later phases at the same location

Green hydrogen plant & company
Green hydrogen plant & company

The Oman project is developed by GHC under the guidance and supervision of ACME Group. ACME Group, is one of the leading global sustainable and renewable energy companies. ACME Group embraces a problem-solving approach to deliver and execute innovative solutions for a sustainable future. ACME Group specializes in bringing disruptive green technology solutions. The stewardship support from ACME will enable GHC to utilize full benefit of ACME’s knowledge and specialized experience in this field and will also help GHC to achieve its aims of becoming a leading green energy provider in the world by 2030.

Meeting global energy needs

Using renewable energy to produce Green Ammonia, Green Hydrogen, Green Methanol, Green Synthetic Aviation Fuel that can be used in...

Green hydrogen plant & company


Solar, Hydrogen & Ammonia for 24-hr
electricity supply

Green hydrogen plant & company


Steel, Cement, Refineries, Aluminium, Poly-Silicon,
Caustic Soda

Green hydrogen plant & company


Urea production, DAP production, Ammonium Nitrate production, Ammonium Phosphate production

Green hydrogen plant & company


Transportation Shipping, Trains, Heavy &
Commercial Vehicles

Green hydrogen plant & company

Atmospheric Source of Energy for Today & Tommorow

GHC aims to become a leading green energy provider in the world by 2030 and produce 10 million tons/year of green ammonia and hydrogen. The Company started working with various Governments, partners and stakeholders to develop projects in various geographies like Oman, Australia, Chile, and the USA. We are committed to bring sustainability in some of the toughest sectors to decarbonize like food, agriculture, steel, shipping, cement, aluminum etc.


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